Do you want something various than participating in the Regatta or the current event? Are your Co-op members hopping throughout the Interseasonal week and are you left to watch over the co-op? Are you a parlor game fanatic or simply curious, whether you would like that? Then create a Video game Board in your Town or Zoo, develop a good mix of chess pieces or checkers and welcome several pals to play a video game. Possibly you currently have a chessboard in your Town. Would not it be great to give it an extra worth besides the ornamental one it already has?


The minimum room required in your Town or Zoo to create a Game board in your (mini) town is 8 x 8 fields. Do you like a basic or more advanced border around your video game board, then count 2, 4 or 6 extra rows of fields to the basic 8. Produce a black and white pattern by utilizing 2 kinds of differently colored tiles or integrate a dark brown tile with a Sand underground or a light colored tile with Soil. Attention: the bottom left field is constantly a black field! To keep this post brief and basic I think about the rules of playing Chess are known by you. But of course we can work those dismiss together for Chess newbies! The names of the 64 fields of your board are called after the numbers and letters on the borders of your board. For instance the board is in your coop member’s town and you wish to move your Knight from F5 to G3. Then you offer this message in the chat room: “Knight F5 to G3”.


Select the subject of both Black and White ‘armies’ and begin gathering the Chess pieces of your choice. In this example is selected to use the white statues and the green pruning bushes from the Zoo. Only the Bunny bush is not a Zoo item.

Bottom right of the Board you see an overview of which statues connect to which Chess pieces. These statues will be available, if you established your zoo to a certain level. And of course you can use your own creativity to develop an unique Video game board of your own. Wha

. What about the Balloon figures or the 1×1 Event designs, or the Valentine day presents? Getting inspired currently?

To play Checkers the most helpful decors are the Roses. Using Rose bushes as Men and Rose trees as Kings you get an extremely sensible Checkers video game.

You can play within your co-op with a minimum of one co-op member keeping a Video game board in their Town. The challenger ask for a relocation in the co-op chat. The ‘Keeper’ confirms after he moved the Challenger’s piece and interacts his own relocation after that.

If you want to have fun with an ingame Friend, utilizing the Co-op Message board is a choice. It is the spot where you invite people to join your co-op. Instead of the standard inviting text you compose the actions you wish to do. But using this message board has a risk: you might be leaving your own co-op by mistake by pressing the wrong button. And it also doesn’t work if your co-op has 30/30 members. So in this case an alternative messenger service is recommended.

Do you have Facebook Friends who like to challenge you? Then the very best method to interact is utilizing Messenger.

Another terrific opportunity is the next one: If you are trying to find a challenger outside your co-op, post in the remarks listed below. You are welcome to use your wiki message walls for your match, if you can’t find a typical messenger service. Please remember that in most cases your IP address will alter routinely, so developing a free account is suggested.