I currently explained 16 draughts video games 7 types of diagonal draughts, 3 variants of orthogonal draughts and 6 variations of draughts on increased boards. But I m, still far from explaining all variation of draughts. Even if we take only the video game on the 64-square board with global (brazilian) rules there is still a space to develop brand-new versions. You can simply change the initial setting of pieces, board orientation, moves instructions or objective of the game. Listed below I describe several games with such twists.

Diagonal Draughts
The term diagonal draughts can be deceptive. It is used to describe a group of draughts games in which pieces move diagonally. But there is likewise one particular video game called Diagonal Draughts

This video game is Brazilian Draughts alternative played on a 64-square board, but with a different initial setting. At start 12 White and 12 Black pieces are organized diagonally as shown on the picture listed below.

Setting of pieces doesn t modification guidelines of moving. Typical pieces (men) can move one action diagonally forward as shown below.

All the guidelines are the same as in Brazilian Draughts.

– Pieces move one space diagonally forward (with the exception of capturings).
– Captures might be made diagonally forwards and in reverse.
– Capturing is absolutely compulsory. If you missed a capture, you need to undo your relocation and you have to make move consistent with game guidelines.
– If a player has numerous capture alternatives, it is compulsory to catch the maximum quantity of the opponent s pieces.
– A piece reaching the last row ends up being King (it is crowned).
– There s so called flying King. it implies King moves any variety of squares diagonally forwards or backwards. After conclusion of the catching King can land on any field behind the caught piece.
– Piece is crowned (it ends up being King) only if it completes his move in the last row.
Despite the similarity of guidelines this game varies significantly from Brazilian Draughts. Some pieces are very near to the last row so they can be crowned early. Secondly, there is just one row of free fields between 2 battling armies so first attacks likewise come early. This video game is quickly, and one error at the start can be very pricey.

Corner Draughts.
This version is unique due to the fact that it combines features of orthogonal and diagonal draughts. The game is played just on the dark squares (as in diagonal draughts), however pieces move vertically and horizontally (as in orthogonal draughts).

This game utilizes 64-square board and 12 pieces on each side. Pieces are initially set much like in diagonal draughts but board is turned by 45 degrees clockwise. This is shown on the image below.

The fun depends on the moving rules. Pieces can move one square forward or sideways as shown on the picture below.

Pieces can likewise carry out jumps (captures) forwards, in reverse or sideways. Keep in mind that recording is absolutely necessary.

There are Kings in corner draughts. A man is crowned when it reaches one of 2 fields in the challenger s corner. Image figure listed below programs these fields marked with red color.